Friends of The Green Bay Trail

Creating and maintaining a healthy habitat along the Green Bay Trail by removing invasive species and planting natives.

Make Way for Wildflowers!

 We need your help!  Over the past several months, wood chips have washed down the slopes and are now several inches thick…..too thick for wildflower seeds to grow…so…we need to move them.  We will rake and or shovel them into piles along the edge of the trail where the Village will scoop them up and deposit them in a couple sites where we can use them.   WHEN:  Saturday August 18th at 9 – 11

experience the best Chicago trail with Friends of The Green Bay Trail

WHERE:  We will meet at the water fountain on the trail at the Woodlawn access point.  We will be working on the east side of the trail between Woodlawn and Scott.

WHAT TO BRING:  work or garden gloves and if you have a shovel and garden rake, that would be great if you could bring them…..we will have tools available. 




Friends of the Green Bay Trail 
P.O. Box 545
Glencoe, IL 60022