The Friends of The Green Bay Trail is a volunteer-managed 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.  

We restore nature’s beauty to The Green Bay Trail.

2016-2020 Goals

1. Expand our restoration and maintenance to five parcels along the Trail.

We have nearly completed restoration of our first parcel, begun work on two other parcels, and identified two additional potential restoration parcels.

2. Develop deeper partnerships with municipal bodies and other stakeholders to enhance and promote the Trail.

We aim for these partnership to help prevent invasives from spreading from adjacent land. We also think a uniform signage system would promote use of the trail and consideration of it as a single resource despite its ownership by multiple municipalities.

3. Expand our board.

An expanded board will provide additional resources to manage our activities and connections for fundraising.

4. Fund a “Trust for the Trail”.

This endowment-like vehicle will ensure future leaders will always have the resources to maintain our projects.

5. Raise $1 million.

We will become significantly more confident in our fundraising efforts with individuals, corporations, foundations, and government agencies, with a goal of raising $1 million to fund the goals above.




Friends of the Green Bay Trail 
P.O. Box 545
Glencoe, IL 60022